It’s You or Me!

Envisage the risks taken by colonists who forged West and took part in forming the U.S. Knowledgeable of extreme hazards, they advanced, guided by promise rather than fear. There was no mandate that all should take part, nor was this necessary.

During this visitation and allowed individual choice, many would continue; guided by promise as before. However, intervention strategies imposed on the public by ruling parties repress individual spirit and promote fear.

Resources spent on subvention may have gone towards other spheres of endeavor. For example, the majority within the medical research field favors more autopsies {autopsies being the gold standard for determining death}. However, the facilities, personnel, and equipment are thin to the ground. This leads to ambiguous tallies of deaths associated with the outbreak. Once more, this circumstance undermines decisive analysis of the ailment’s processes.

Promise subjugated by fear. This is like forcing those who preferred the challenge of going West to stay in the East. Things would have been quite different should this had taken place.

Those with promise today are being stifled. Yet, the danger is that the perspective is precisely backwards in the minds of the fearful.

The oft-repeated claim is that one takes precautions out of concern for others {a disinterested action}. Should you walk along the same sidewalk as one of these reformers, show gratitude when they abruptly veer off – in what we may characterize as a football move – and praise them for their kind consideration.

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