For the People, By the People

The preponderance has a full understanding of what “for the people” means given the expectations placed upon government leaders in Washington D.C. However, only a faint understanding regarding “by the people.” To the public, political affairs comprise nothing more than taking part in a referendum every four years in November and watching the diplomatic spectacle unfold on television.

One cannot read The Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, The Federalist, and Constitution of the United States without realizing the serious implications involved in governance.

Public responsibility involves tracking, due consideration of, and responding in favor or against legislation put forward by elected officials. This process has become easier because of advancements in telecommunications.

The zeitgeist of the public is to attain to the basics. The ape in the wild holds the same outlook on life and just like human beings, apes have survived over the centuries. Government officials appreciate that which separates human beings from animals; moving beyond the basics, shaping the world to their liking.

Voting every four years is the absolute least one can do regarding public participation in government. How would you respond should your choice for president appear before you and pose the question, ‘what is your level of engagement concerning government policy decisions?’

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