Upon arrival, guests reaped the sole recognition of hosts, who turned their tell-lie-visions off. Not so today. Such attention gone with the wind as entertainments via electrified devices overshadow the value of sustained human contact; emphasis on virtual reality draws a parallel to breathing air.

I enter the company van, and my coworker turns on the radio, tuning it to their desired channel. Or, having paired their mobile device occupies their preferred music. When an expanded commercial segment begins, they will not make the slightest modification (revealing the incessant blather has a salubrious effect on their mind). The modeled appeals are as prominent as the music; there is no distinction. Instead of putting a sincere end to the marketing, they admit the intrusion; function as if they hold no authority against it. This conduct implies passivity. The wireless waves project a weird power over paltry mortal beings.

The sheer absence of consideration, coupled with the utter pursuit of diversions, is prodigious (if entertainment were liquor, death would ensue within weeks). Such stress betrays an emotional dilemma. Excerpt of a lecture given by sociologist Erich Fromm in 1964: Narcissism parallels insanity where the outside world hardly exists, sensory perception is dull, one sees delusions, hears voices; thinks strictly in terms of one’s thoughts and feelings—idolizing race, creed, nation, or gadgets.

Delusions and voices transferred by gadgetry; eerie aspiration provided by exposed individuals once clothed in self-sufficiency. Having had their feathers picked, chickens turn to the pickers for warmth. Alas, industrialization created the pretense to ensnare populaces now subsisting by the caprice of remote central authorities; they call the tune and we all dance—or else. Hollow existence proves troublesome, and for solace, these same institutions offer counterfeit realism seized by multitudes. Imagination is malleable to no end; we may conjure a false paradise inside a veritable hell. “The psychotic says two and two are five. The neurotic says two and two are four, but it worries me.”

If certain bosses required dependents hop on one leg with one arm behind their back and whistle a tune, most individuals would perform rather than form a consensus; stand united against the absurd dictates of impish managers. We witnessed this in 2020-21, with clear exceptions, one in Canada. However, plucked of feathers intimidated truckers dissolved void of concessions relative to actual freedoms—a microcosm of world citizenry status. Under a monetary yoke, dissenters routed by their leading lights.

High standards of living? Granted! as long as human standards partner the base needs of animals. Import given over to technologies is a misguided attempt to improve lost souls—failure to clasp that which separates humans from animals.

Is it fair to say humanity is extinct? Not at all! For there is a remnant saved by grace.

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