Hostel Takeover

Publics have no influence over their nation’s trajectory than ensued concerning their personal origin. Any initiative plus supporting capabilities originate outside public spheres. Residents may stir, however, those at the top render categorical decisions. Inhabitants approximate hostages to fortune in a comprehensive chronological scheme. Every war, all civil rights premises rise and fall at the caprice of elite families (individuals disperse money, families disperse power). Clothed in power, elites have no need for public affection. Therefore, obligatory entreaties hail from salaried liaisons composing the central government along with self-important business magnates.

Premiers sway yoked societies via financial burdens applied to sustenance profiting state-run manufacturing and distribution systems. Populaces answer to creatures rather than the Creator. As predicted, an insouciant transfer of loyalties developed; prevails upon reactionary souls. Fealty presides over truth, with citizenry in arrears to the national authority. Lords and ladies perfect concepts, leaderships fabricate simple narratives; conventional news associations publish, and the preponderance reacts. A deep-rooted systematic approach to governmental control. Populations bribed with, corrupted by convenience. 21st century life isn’t hard—it’s tedious, or mindless. For simplicity, masses are fain to please facilitators in this epic rivalry comprising eight billion little horrors.

Said vibrant forces speed up moral declension as increased material ease generates a proportionate decrease in ethics. Peers of the realm ushered in concluding stages of human regression in 2020, with timely use of vital reserves as leverage, coercing individuals to accept measures against singular conscience. We share a pronounced outlook for more psychological beat downs carried by the wind.

A broad view must obtain prior to delving into details. If not, one is guilty of missing the forest through the trees. A misconception reigns as people place immediate trust in mainstream media (laser-like focus on minutiae) escaping determinate thought involving the overall picture. Hence, mass confusion trailed by division, shadowed by strife.

Of note, an East vs West military encounter is approaching fruition. For centuries, Luciferians have operated in and around their native provinces, instigating chaos—loyal to a cause, rather than any state. Destructive action in Ukraine precipitates an unprecedented conflagration among world dominions. Anybody held captive by various political maneuvers shouldn’t be. Reckon these events are determined; experience instant liberation as existing undisclosed objectives may wreak havoc on one’s senses.

 “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” ~Mark Twain

Politicians do not commit blunders—it only appears that way. Certain sways (principally in the west) stand to win by directing a futile war. Inconceivable, a politician could rise to prominence, pose as a presidential front-runner, win the electorate, and assume office, all the while harboring intent to subvert the nation. The presumed implausibility makes it plausible, or possible. The casual onlooker has only to believe that saneness is prosperous amid patent insanity. Indeed, this prevalent notion is beyond insane. Thus, electorates rate inferior to their trusted guides—all is well.

Commonalities funneled into tight confines of prime ghettos, isolated from unstinting nature; purposed by mentors placing themselves ostensibly as whole-hearted intermediaries. Rationale is a low-grade substance in the deliberate minds of severe mavens. Gracious calamities are the rule, not the exception. Recent charges levelled against public officials publicized to demoralize. Wake-up calls bringing idealists crashing to earth after a flight of fancy. Following periods of renovation, a feared haunt unveiled—a contingent nation comprising millions of wards.

Sovereignty condensed to a meager relic. Members of NATO, for instance, pledge allegiance to the assembly. Incursions eastward (in the name of consensus) offer unique distresses to eastern provinces. Specific western decadences present as eerie disgraces—emerging dark clouds covering the horizon. Surely, a one size fits all mentality is purely irrational at its core, and so, historical divisions. Currently, NATO promotes this baseless outlook, which will engender intense resistance from easterly dissenters.

The United States staggers under a thirty-two trillion dollar national debt and yet the executive, congress, persists enlarging the already titanic burden. Russia, China, et al. are not answerable, rather the native idle community of idols. Inward erosion precedes outward invasion; the order is precise.

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” ~President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

A fanatical endeavor to forsake nature while abandoning conscience ravages human psyches. Certain diplomatic misadventures are beyond the palisades of justification and yet these same solons entice crowds of believers. Whence this antagonistic spirit?

Ephesians 6:11-12

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Alas, lay figures do not subscribe to the biblical doctrine of evil celestial principals—but their misleaders do! For struggle,initiates” are fain to please.

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