The Pain Truth

Whatever people engage in during their off time—when they may choose—speaks volumes about their natural passions. Governance, spiritual and earthy, or bare materialistic amusements? Given the following of entertainment (one needs only consider the burgeoning coffers within the industry) and lack of conversation with local, state, and federal authorities; it is amazing that most people set themselves up as experts concerning politics. The less time one spends studying proposed and enacted legislation and expenditure, the more knowledgeable one becomes. Well, if that don’t take the ham off the hog.

Truth and pain correspond: individuals have varying tolerances, naturally. Tales abound regarding one’s capacity to deal with it, people typically exaggerate their ability to cope with realism. Mainstream media owners adapt tellievision to those with an eighth-grade scholarship, and consequentially advance the enduring myth. Yet should tellavision owners and managers purpose to explicate facts, men, and women would leave off. Thus, the popularity of TV gives the lie directly to the legend; as the boo-tube caters to the moderate simple figure, regular people affect a disposition that expresses they easily recognize truth with a will to embrace it in every respect. What is conspicuous is inimical to natural human beings, however, as experience and the record of history displays repeatedly.

The reality of dependence quickly fades from the permeable minds of the majority. “I’m independent” is a constant refrain, but even a desultory examination reveals the observable fact. For instance, you will not find crude oil, an oil drill, a refinery, holding tanks, and pumps in somebody’s backyard. Titleholders come first in the equation with the lowly consumer trailing at a distance. No dignity in this co-dependent setup, but we boast of having every whim catered to. What ensues is the blatant twisting of well-defined circumstances to suit our malleable minds. Truth: If you’re a good youth while serving a trader, produce a certain amount of what passes for money, proprietors will gladly sell portions of their holdings (we mustn’t take the glib salutations upon entry into their establishments personal—it is merely business).

Therefore, anything uttered by normalities must stand for analysis, as the occasion to drift off into distant realms of fantasy looms large. However, inspection is what mediocrities abhor; insinuating they are impervious to deception thanks to their confidence in the mainstream media machine (which shines the reputed light in every imaginable corner of the globe). Clearly, life did not create itself, and the genius behind it infinitely surpasses human wisdom. To understand life, one has to understand death—only God knows. Mortals exist, live as animals — utilitarian—instinctively appropriating what the living God provides, choosing to remain absent from an accurate knowledge of the Author of Life (as revealed to us in the Christian bible). To be truly human is to adore the almighty God. Fallen beings lack goodwill and dismiss the existence of the Lord of Creation with derision (the implication is we are subhuman; not what God created). A ghastly state resulting from sin which takes no less than a miracle to overcome. Thank God the Father for His plan, God the Son for His inimitable sacrifice, and God the Holy Ghost for the application of the Truth in power.

Perception is a remarkable thing. There are those who falsely determine another’s age, and others who suppose accurately regarding the same individual. Beauty is subjective, distinguishable in particular folks, but not all.

Since the mid-1850s, life has increasingly afforded hours of spare time, daily, as arranged by anti-royalists. “The world is governed by far different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”–Benjamin Disraeli, nineteenth century British prime minister, in a speech to Parliament.

Prior to the outbreak of technology, mind and labor coexisted equally within a 12-hour workday in making a living. Since, however, labor has decreased, shifting the balance towards thought, hypothetically taking up the predominant part of one’s time on earth. This is where the preponderance failed in its perception; entertainment holds sway, but not so with a minority, where spare time equals measuring forms of control. Of course, almighty God reigns supreme. Given the revelation, we are to consider Satan’s rule on earth deceiving human beings in the main and those in positions of authority. Life still comprises a 12-hour concentration, six days a week despite having all whims catered to, only thought is supposed to prevail over labor but as noted, entertainment has overshadowed, filled the void as opposed to reflecting in the minds of the plurality—this is simply an illusion. So-called “Initiates” appreciate and are fain to preserve the popular in ignorance. The populace rejoices in darkness as well, so we have perfect unity.

There is the vain notion that humanity can manage apart from God, only there is a tangential interest in essential politics. The electorate hides behind diversions, feigning all is well; their minds made up to follow in advance; a multi-trillion dollar debt or gene therapy injection is all the same to the rickety mass—wherever the wind blows. There is little to think about. Just wait for a wafting smoke signal from Washington D.C. and obey, fall in line. Abstracted, suffering an acute deficiency involving critical analysis of events as they unfold. A close associate reminded that the captives in league are dupes of the Minervals they accept. There is no genuine regard for the multitudes other than visceral disdain masked by far-flung politeness. Examine the introductory ritual for the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland attended by so-called chosen ones. Observe the ghostly depiction of the masses in particular; dressed in underclothes, sleepwalking through life in a preset daze. The trance-formation of the world.

All by design, mind you. Ubiquitous non-ionizing radiation and electromagnetic waves pulsate around the entire globe, producing specific states of hypnosis. Focused radiofrequency waves tuned specifically to the human body’s natural rhythms (entraining is the scientific term to describe the process) rendering distinct faculties useless; akin to turning a switch to the off position, only by remote. It is as though the mass is high on fallen-angel dust. Only one can turn a soul out of isolation.

Ephesians 4:14-15

That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

Why speak the truth in love? Our Lord commands us to do so. The lost are truly frightened of authorities on earth and the supernatural intelligences above (not fooled by their praises, adoration of certain politicians). Instinctive fear keeps the voters from routine examination of the record of their leading lights; directly communicating with them. The electorate is the last resort when politicians go off the rails. Once again, the potential for human beings to wander is obvious. The gross level of authority, influence, and resources granted to political leaders magnifies the danger proportionately. Yet, there is no visible sign of the constituency, no effort to maintain intelligent dialogue, and I submit this posture is born of an innate fear of those they are in league with whom occupy positions of power.

The escalating national debt is unsustainable and will reconcile itself, eventually, with the hoi-polloi left holding the thirty trillion dollar familiar bag. Repeatedly, people voted as if to say, “we’ll take more of the same.” If you like game statistics, the score is politicians thirty-five trillion, electorate zero. A formal accusation on the feeble minds of humanity who still proclaim in vain they are politically astute. Mr. Trump is a consummate political actor; playing the role of the last hope for a falling nation. If there is a glimmer of faith, the mass will remain faithfully immobile. This scheme is working to perfection. Mr. Trump, if re-elected, will not disband from the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Union, World Bank, World Health Organization, NATO, International Space Station. Also, deficit spending will continue; deepening national debt until we reach the pit. This union of states will join a one-world conglomerate of nations with the head based in Europe. Witness the birth of a universal regime. Just as great nations have come and gone; a single union of nations will rise and fall with a new earth replacing the old at the proper time.

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