Worthy of Condemnation

Politicians refrain from asking anything of their constituents other than an exercise of blind hope, and the electorate responds willingly. There is no commitment to long-term sacrifice. Loyalty required, which I do not have to give. Such reserved for One deserving—Jesus Christ.

That consideration rests not on particular imperative public information regarding scientific research and developments directly related to controlling conscience behavior prior to making certain decisions betrays a paucity of due diligence, reasonable thought. A series of essays (85 in fact) called The Federalist written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison purposed to inveigle the country, stress the need of adopting the Constitution. The arguments against taking up, examined in order to convince the populace that such a strong centralized governing force was necessary in order to progress on all levels as a nation securely. The preponderance was leery (and rightly so) of any such authority over their lives. I would call it a healthy skepticism which persisted for decades even after the ratification of the Constitution. Individuals endeavored to prove the claims of the newly formed organizational corporation rather than exercise blind faith. Truth is, most people felt it their duty as citizens to corroborate the assertions of their political leaders, which took considerable effort and yet they did so despite the comparative lack of modern inventions which made daily living easier.

Presently, such critical thinking declines; waning over decades in proportion to ease and comfort, entertainments brought in owing chiefly to electricity, which all things stem from—what an achievement; peculiar thanks given to political leader, Freemason, inventor Benjamin Franklin, whose visage adorns not the one, five, ten, twenty, but the one-hundred-dollar bill!

Imagine a governing authority that believes in the Lord, Jesus Christ mandating all people on earth attend a place of worship once a week; if not, then suggesting those who oppose were guilty of propagating salvation hesitancy? Therefore, construct laws to censure nonconformists; officially designate them as subversives, domestic terrorists?

Censorship reeks of a lack of faith towards the population to govern themselves, but regarding certain matters, it plainly stresses there is no viable option, even truth, but that given by so-called experts. I agree the public is at an acute loss; allowed, as all have fallen short of the Glory of God. My view is that the Almighty’s plan is taking shape and if people trust in the Lord of Glory, we have strength, only trust in Him, whether in times of peace or intense persecution. Central to all human beings is to be put right with God the Father; all will finally meet Him.

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