Enemy Conscience

Biography unswervingly tells of opposing forces; protean clashes at every level of branded societies. Customarily, weakened nations first erode from within in a progressive fashion. This process is preparatory, bids an outward invasion. Without the inner corrosion, ever-present subversive forces meet a formidable target; an abrupt, physical contest hovers with dubious prospects for victory; no less, a grave offensive is specific—a pyrrhic victory.

The citizenry of any nation must guard against laxity. Societies with institutions that promise safety and security; abounding with capabilities, the spurious notion creeps in that faith in the establishment is sufficient. Therefore, trusting in the so-called guardians, the huge facade, the communal overtime concentrates primarily on the basics, like natural animals-paying trivial attention to a constant flow of enactments, governmental appointments, proposed legislation, and expenditures. Suggested decrees, nominations, and disbursements provide crucial opportunities to for the masses to gauge the mindset and motives of those within leadership positions. Here, the nation needs to turn, not towards tellavision for understanding concerning the direction of their heritage. Shrewdness like that of the administrative elite must come into play—advantage lawmakers! More time researching, considering, and deciding as regards laws and statutes and following through with communication with representatives and less occasion behaving, simply touching on inborn levels of consideration.

There will be no general alarm from trusted agencies—tellievision won’t save. A fragmented public, although greater and equipped; provides no organization, leadership; temporal necessities are in the hands of open subversive elements. Alas, the mixed multitude not only believes an overall signal will sound, but they need not fear, as a great stone from the colossal wall may timely descend upon the head of any enemy of the state that dares approach. Problem solved, we can endure in repose, savoring our cappuccino while blocking our ears with incessant gossip furnished by the tattle-tale channel; populations approximate the quintessence of quiescence.

The citizenry wants to act rationally. Nevertheless, a solid peculiarity amongst peoples is to animate on either of two extremes, senseless of the middle road of coherence. This is a fundamental which persists despite improvements in education, science, et cetera. Aptitude varies and consistently when examining the whole, we find that most beings range in the bottom, forming a near comprehensive base and intellectual capacity increases and comprises fewer bodies as we move up. Envisage a corresponding pyramid shape with broad stones composing the base in which fewer make up the rest ascending. I draw no parallel between intelligence and one’s status or position in society. Conversely, virtually all diplomatic issues are truly esoteric; hence, the political scheme stresses municipal failure.

All are equal in judgement. With this in mind, the electorate would do nicely in seizing opportunities to weigh in formerly and tranquilly regarding political concerns, domestic, and foreign, because even intellectuals struggle mightily exercising proper judgment. Take the recent applicant for the Supreme Court, where the highly educated nominee flopped on the question of discerning between male and female. It would be absurd to question the intellect of the intrant, however, this person’s discernment proved abysmal. Is it not as simple as ladies possess two X chromosomes and produce estrogen while males possess an X and a Y yielding testosterone? At any rate, on the point of prudence, communities may increase their level of satisfaction by corresponding earnestly in written form with their constitutional representatives.

Job 32:9

Great men are not always wise: neither do the aged understand judgment.

Five years ago, while exploring contrived artificial occurrences, I settled on a radio broadcast where a distinguished scientist explained elitists of the temporal world designed a mechanism which would enable replication of a third strand of DNA inside the human body; radio frequencies could exploit remotely, thus subverting the human integrity. Conspiracy theory? Couple the technologists claim with the over one hundred U.S. patents stemming back to the 1950s directly related to manipulating ethical behavior and objective research conducted primarily by the U.S. Air Force and Navy available through the online bookstore Amazon; as well as related findings issued publicly by the Department of Defense agency DARPA and well-known, wholehearted endeavors of the neural technology company Neuralink to produce a viable brain implant (brain-machine interface to connect humans and computers). Last, the proven clinical process, and recent experimental practice of reverse transcription by which RNA generates DNA inside the host. Granted the circumstances; the claim of the scientific researcher soundly transcends mere theory. In addition, we have the authentic, documented physiologic effects produced by the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and non-ionizing radiation, which every living organism bathes in since the early 1980s; public information open for all eyes to distinguish.

Satan desires the adoration of all humanity. The wellspring of evil—crude methods yet decidedly effective; requiring the ability to take control of the mind and delete any vestige of God-given morality and this insidious method of altering the physiological makeup progresses unabated, unknown to a facile, fallen race of beings. The reign of anti-Christ prophesied.

Revelation 13:8-9

8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world

All entities who deny God would not worship Satan because of their God-given scruples. Therefore, good sense—nullified. Fact is that the negation of conscience through tried and true scientific methods continues in practice; the positive results recognized (although not understood) even by people who deny God. Not enough to say it is happening, but it has happened; increasing steadily by technological means leading up to the desired end.

Annals aptly depict a constant one-dimensional perspective shadowing the hoi polloi: reflect little; stare straight ahead and march impetuously along the narrow line drawn by an equally tainted minority of rulers.

Luke 11:21

When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace:

Not inclined to argue with anyone who takes a jab. Varying discrete circumstances warrant individuals to follow their conscience, such as it remains intact. However, I would implore people not to take the promised micro-chip implant. At that point in time, remote control over one’s thoughts becomes inclusive; distinctive character abrogated.

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