At Sixes and Sevens

A slight notion prevails: the more money/education, the more honorable a person is likely to be.

According to the most recent FBI Crime in the United States report, only 45 percent of violent crimes lead to arrest and prosecution. Less than half of violent crimes result in a “clearance” of the crime. Property crime clearances are much worse. Only 17 percent of burglaries, arsons, and car thefts are “cleared.”

The questions are why? schmaltzy investigating, skillful malefactors, fearful witnesses, lack of evidence? All the above in varying degrees. Though, I would hazard well connected criminals transcend suspicion at the onset of particular criminal investigations.

Anybody who voted—as of late, particularly will vote for anybody! Who believes that the governmental institution comprises buffoons who simply mishandled the withdrawal from Afghanistan, blundered in gifting the so-called sworn enemy of the U.S. with state-of-the-art military hardware after investing 20 years and twenty trillion dollars to protect this nation? Who supports the current administrations moot selections for Assistant Secretary of Health and Office of Nuclear Energy?

Critical of one’s choice for leadership? Not at all. Simply proclaim your favorite as an angel from above. Supporters vote but they don’t elect. It is the party leadership that buoys the frontrunners. The public votes for those pre-selected to take the stage as candidates. Criteria of those who select is far more comprehensive than what lies in the minds of any individual citizen.

Confusion over gender, disintegration of the family, sex initiation in schools is solely for the masses. The elites hold truth concerning these matters; their families remain intact with no ambiguity concerning gender; there is no sex initiation taught to their children. To the peers of the realm, the mixed multitude resembles a cat chasing its tail.

The shoot first and ask questions later approach adopted by most people of the 76% who were so eager to please, trust the authority; hence rolling up their sleeves and donning disguises. There is no reasonable expectation of improvement with a public like this. Human beings cannot govern themselves outside of God’s grace.

A republic where governors’ answer to those governed came in at the initiation of the United States. However, if those governed cannot communicate; exercise what amounts to blind loyalty in human beings and institutions, then what have we?

There were two entities involved upon the initiation of this republic. Both entities espoused visible principles, still included were those who held invisible purposes. The sincere rulers remained ignorant of the insidious, invisible motives of their so-called brethren. Betrayal operates from the inside out. Inward erosion invariably precedes the outward invasion.

Another long-running myth: attainment of the mere basics in life proves wisdom; yet visceral animals of the earth hold the same standard. People are smarter than this. However, in order to avoid looking too closely at ourselves, we subscribe to the low estate of mere chimpanzees. There is no vaccine, yet everybody refers to the gene therapy hinging on a genetic gene transport platform as an actual vaccine. The reason is that close examination would reveal certain truths bound to wreak havoc on one’s faith in the establishment. Counterfeit faith is better than none!

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