Central focus shifted, principally in the mid-1800s when extreme mechanical innovations took effect, yielding increased conveniences. Adjuvant supra structure and infra structure translated natural energies into working to support for-thriving industries and centralized state dominion.

Hence, societies search first for political and corporation leaders assigning nature to obscurity. Momenta for procuring sustenance no longer predominates the mind. Pivotal concentration aimed towards a proprietor who doles out regular wages to buy manufactured supplies; principal authorities collect levies from workers which support the titanic welfare enterprise.

If the hoi polloi applied their vogue, hazy civil faculties towards obtaining provision via the natural world, all would collapse from malnourishment and or exposure. A modest fraction makes and effort to research proposed legislation and communicate with their legislators. Irrational conviction dominates; that same principal secular societies ascribe censoriously to those who profess faith in a supernatural deity.

Genuine devotion prompts purposeful endeavor; however, ignorance and slackness prevails within lay groups. Worldly faith chiefly amounts to flipping a ballot in the open once every four years, regularly attending one’s formal occupation, and expense deductions. If a person suggests they duly pay taxes, consider one worthwhile incentive for so doing. To secure a bank loan, income tax documentation is a prerequisite. We ceased operation of the pay as you go precept for scholarship, home purchases decades ago. Imagine what the United States would look like, indeed your own narrow community without substantial bank loans, to supply money for wide-ranging endeavors. Most individual homes, communities, and businesses would disappear like a mirage.

Manage natural surroundings or yield to them? Positively, I would quite defer to wildlife than feral human casualties. The political arena exposes average citizens as slight intellectually for politics is a cerebral matter. Any brute beast may successfully contend with soil; so, man has survived over millennia. The political field is an atypical property where visceral swine perpetually falters. Success remained in the realm of commoners, acting in deference to flora and fauna. Conversely, placed on a diplomatic scale, balance tips favorably towards an intrinsically gifted minority.

Noticeably, the preponderance stays content, reeling in diminished returns while a small number thrive in surpluses. Murmurings abound from the plebs involving imbalances, exercising their right to complain {which I have yet to find in the constitution}, yet they travel no further than their safe, petite microcosm of the immense world. ‘Tis mere play-acting, knowing full-well politicians are just like they are-self-serving, yet different as regards intellectual capacities.

Distance from nature. Placing human-beings at the center of the universe fits the puerile view of humanity awash in fundamental sin; this is where the lower and upper classes collect as equals. Defiant, arrogant finite creatures prefer to wallow in mire, valuing extensive disease, rife discord, multiplying avarice, and myriad perversions. Essential humility thrown overboard in favor of trivial pride. Only the laics conveniently neglect the fool that invariably follows pride as a dour shadow.

So, despite recorded history over millennia, populations persist in their weaknesses because they have no choice but to rely on errant souls approximating themselves owing to a guilty conscience. Spiritual rebirth, not attained, but freely accorded by God, is the sole resolve for shame. Bereft, one commits to failure, resolute in death as those in life.

You want material conveniences via artifacts rather than toil through natural balance-you got it, and in full measure. The cup filled and is, in fact, running over. Recapitulation means to run through; the proverbial dais cast with predictable blame worthies. The overflow augurs a second flood, depleting the earth of all natural life; deluge of technological advancements eventually, decisively sinking lost souls. You will look for mercy from the earth itself, pray that a mountain fall on you, yet it will avail nothing.

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