Canopy Sindrome

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

Mark Twain

Hidden in plain sight.

Perception does not equate to understanding what one perceives. There is a comprehensive separatist group whose members publicly sport tee-shirts adorned with numbers appearing to laud their favorite athlete; this occurrence is hardly unique. However, we have an adherent alluding to nationalist principles and slogans via numeric for all to see.

Eyes wide shut.

Personally, I have witnessed the purpose of concatenation in the name of an auto-repair business denoting a definite belief system; particular colors used by motorcycle retailers signifying allegiance to a set. There is open symbolism as a sunbeam by a fuel supplier, divinity of wisdom by a car manufacturer, twelve tribes of Israel and the Babylonian deity of love, procreation, and war deceptively employed in admired movies, goddess of destruction boldly displayed in front of the particle physics laboratory called CERN, eye of Horus clear on American currency. Populations frequent these enterprises with little thought regarding such overt communications; this serves the holders well. In private, they laugh at the ignoramus with scorn and derision.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Public attention given over to an array of respected automated mediums gazed upon hoping to find inspiration, revelation in and about the world, respectively. Influential officers execute profusely in a day. Yet, contentment lingers on a trifle of information, which is credulous. Rarely do individuals consider or try to discuss what transpires in the lives of their rulers. It takes understanding to fill in the enormous divide, and such critical thinking is lacking among the masses.

Out of mind, out of sight?

The society recognizes and incorporates imagery into regular practice such as a pink ribbon for cancer awareness, peculiar lights, and quirky pictures on Christmas alleges a sense of friendship and goodwill, republican flags denote patriotism, indeed a rod banded by a snake marks a healthcare establishment, and so forth. Note that these usages are pie in the sky ideals extolled by a pusillanimous public.

The multitude cannot deny collective operation and perceived estimation of metaphor to transfer themes. The community can and readily denies any viable suggestion that occultists widely apply allegory, transmitting baleful notices.

The chasm prevails incurring to the veto of human nature. We shy away from looking directly at ourselves because we lack the courage necessary to admit who and what we truly are. For a natural skeptic, I locate the only adequate explanation of universal aberrant behavior over millennia in The Scripture.

These ‘saws’ infuse feeble psyches, are apt, particularly in today’s dimension of increased errant devotion to simulated images through cybernetic instruments capturing all senses, suggesting dull insight; an inability to delineate between seen and unseen.

Humans dare not ruminate on what continues in the personal lifestyles of the significant heads portrayed on electronic monitors. Live microphones and cameras depict a small fraction. These devices do not follow all movements and conversations, correspondingly. I would hazard that to entice parties to reflect would bring a violent reaction or ridicule of such genuine reflection.

With nothing besides to put faith in, the preponderance stands at an acute loss; there is no alternative for law. Those rebellious believers of the celestial that hold sway over an unconvinced rebellious population exploit this unbelief to shape the circle according to warped fashions of malign supernatural influences seeking domination over pitiful souls.

If management presents an astounding narrative through their preferred vehicles, such as turning over hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of up-to-date military hardware to the sworn enemy by blundering, tolerate it, or your sole conviction vanishes. Same should they tell you a 47-story building built specifically to withstand fire collapses in perfect symmetrical fashion because of fire you ought to endure it, otherwise your solitary assurance disappears.

Who knows anything about psychological warfare? Ah yes, once again the visible naked aggression ascribed to a Nazi regime of late grips the view. Predictably, the invisible spiritual campaign remains lost on the consciousness. Enter the extreme voice of rebuttal of perfectly bizarre government antics which far exceed the palisade of reasonableness and logic. All politicians are irretrievably stupid, or they are playing you for a craven fool; both versions result in misplaced trust.

There are two unadorned geniuses relating to: Recession of 1929, Pearl Harbor 1941, 11 September 2001, and Slide of 2008? In all instances, the country precipitously became dumbfounded, and the administration ignored warnings. Invariably, the inhabitants lapse into complacency; a sudden, utter shock looms the entire time. Hence, look away from average citizens; central forces which speak of peace when there is no peace. There will be a failure.

Continue in faint-heartedness; reliance on oneself, a finite dismal creature with no redeemable prospects. Rather, lodge confidence where it belongs; passed down from generation to generation. The outstretched hand offered by inimitable grace and mercy from The King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ.

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