Fictitious Types

The multitude endures in an express languor; obliged to myriad welfares that produce. High-street dispenses ready-made nourishments; fit-to-wear attire. Pre-fabricated housing in pre-planned communities. Geared-up labor and education via all-embracing supra-structure and wide-ranging infra-structure.

Individual thought and energy once gave rise to self-sufficiency. Detained and converted, these same factors result in co-dependency. Intimate attention and verve condensed into a convenient package resembling simple artifacts; society is one-dimensional. Essential resources captured by multi-national business influences and centralized government authorities; an indigent populace relies on help-stranded chicks in a high and dry nest dependent on their fosters.

We dare not compare ourselves with those in command over our puny lives because the contrast would bring shame; the dreadful realization that we exist on a low-even plain, accompanied by hordes of equal standing. There are hundreds of millions of fathers, husbands, wives, mothers, salespeople, industry owners, assistants, supervisors, laborers, undergraduates, university graduates, et al. Given the universal numbers, nobody who holds the aforementioned designations can honestly claim uniqueness.

Conversely, in the United States alone, there are nine specific supreme court judges, a definite president, a distinct twelve-member cabinet, five-hundred forty-one particular members of the bicameral congress, and six-hundred thirty separate billionaires. Sway, privilege not to be confused with common characters among crowds. Mediocrities contained by mobs proclaiming to be somebodies betray a parochial view, which travels no further than their tiny microcosm of the immense world. Equally, those of influence would have to qualify as oracles. This might give reasons for swarms of lower-class venerating perceived transcendent personages.

Human beings, not deities. Mark their efforts with balance. Fawning is ill-advised, as they are the same in nature. Recidivists of vice, avarice, dissipation, insolence, partiality, et cetera. All these natural aspects of character linger despite any accomplishment as respects social, political, economic, academic status. There is the prevailing figment that the higher one’s position, the less apt any is to engage in normative, childlike behaviors. Hence, blanket wonder upon public exposure of an influential representative of civilization for engaging in such styles. There should be no surprise if persons stay grounded. When ego inflates beyond measure, specified key principles decrease proportionately, skewing perception; narcissism commonly associated with intellect.

Interestingly, humans idolize certain celebrities who arrive at broad prestige because they are unconventional. Where did these arisen originate? Their unconventionality persisted while amid the throngs still without notoriety, and the conventional mass beheld them as outcasts, undesirables {read their narratives}. Yet, the same lots hold them in honor once fame and fortune set in.

We are faint-hearted, fearful creatures hemmed in by societal bonds, which is an alternative way of saying intrinsically biased. Presuppositions permeate our conception, fixes on all within eyesight; to those progressives, we automatically attach the label of pariah and endure. Fear again lends itself to extremes akin to the methodical sway of a pendulum; gatherings of flimsy leaves propelled by deliberate gusts of wind.

Simulation preferred over potency. People revel in reproduction and advance the credulous assumption that days improve by including a synthetic quality {oddly enough}. Insertion of artificial conditions by design diminishes life itself. It reveals dissatisfaction with absolute verisimilitude. Therefore, when the imitation presents itself in the debatable forms of cybernetics, we resort to it. Disassociation is a phenomenon sweeping the landscape, permeating personal and professional activities. What accounts for the intense, longing souls have to distance themselves from genuine truth? Authentic realism is lacking in substance thanks to the interests of compound-civil partnerships and integrated present regulations. Independence thrown overboard, but self-esteem remains an issue of contention. No longer able to apply legitimate solo-determination to respective values, individuals search for alternatives as crude articles strictly in bounds of finite judgment.

Farther, the opinion that personnel could develop a strategy to surmount transience. We base this concept primarily on generous assumptions. For instance, forces applied to man’s creation may act in opposition. Blatant logic dictates this prospect for those who suggest man developed from a distant, nebulous power. Take another: we could abruptly leave the universe like dinosaurs. A universal plague, a cataclysm of colossal proportions as an earthquake, volcanic explosion, or a meteorite striking the planet, bringing with it a slew of seismic events, are all probabilities. What of vagaries? A global conflagration hangs around.

Will occasion favor this quest for immortality? The amorphous, illogical dynamism attributed to well-being is a mere prejudice proffered by evolutionists; a lop-sided, favorable outlook. The capability of falling impulsively rejected by cagey intellectual elitists. The evolutionist theory drowns its spiritually blind believers in the gaseous soup extended as nourishment. In fact, those who espouse natural selection actually promote humans are descendants of apes; principally making monkeys out of themselves. Things clear of our control are the vicissitudes wrought by an unsurpassed intelligent order.

Death results from running out of time; in consequence, time is the enemy. Man, in his enigmatic folly, perceives death as the adversary, which is backwards. The proverb, ‘barking up the wrong tree’ comes into play here.

Accurate knowledge and wisdom come from a nonpareil cerebral source. Start at the top and look down. We invariably start with ourselves, the lowest potential point; stare down in misery at a stark visible earth, the dirt from which we came-nothingness.

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