For those who have promoted to lunar heights regarding self-image stands the burden of striving amid those who persist in the humble state of the corporeal.

Our antecedents directly arranged for their central needs. In the mid-1800s, self-reliance was the practice of securing vital resources and time withstood. Conversely, indispensables turn out manufactured by remote welfares and methodically delivered to provisional strongholds; put up for sale to an indigent multitude for pre-calculated sums of currency as reward to hordes for faithfully performing singular dexterities at the preset direction of an overt maestro.

Sell oneself for payment on high-street with a unique song and dance tailored to suit a prospective buyer. Once bought for a tilted price, settle into a comfortable routine of reacting favorably to the slightest indications given by one’s new controller. Having found favor in the eyes of one’s possessor, receive an inordinate totality of simoleons to compensate for the coveting supports that provide myriad necessities conveniently packaged. This orderly resolution apportions expansive interludes to exploit.

What do principled, patriotic Americans do with this free time afforded? Statistics record 35 hours dedicated to watching tell-a-vision {crystal gazing} per week, which rivals a full-time job. 16 hours per week devoted to online gaming {another form of crystal gazing}. 1,300 hours per annum faithfully advertising on social media {still another form of crystal gazing}. People flit around the unnatural illuminations emanating from charged devices like moths to artificial light; aural sounds and visual images arouse boorish senses to the verge of custody.

Those who make peculiar claims concerning lack of time for essential matters betray malign negligence of history; a dreadful absence of appreciation regarding contrasting lifestyles. Uncomplicated people easily adopt a sense of entitlement; cleave to comparative luxury. Eclipsing that famous day when they were born, the multitude looks upon their inheritance; assumes everything to be in apple-pie order and proudly lapses into a predictable state of complacency… and so it is.

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