Cybernetic Media Anthropomorphized

Not content with exposure afforded via cybernetic realms, the public has impetuously annexed the here and now. Workplaces serve as an ecological platform whilst live human beings substitute for the frozen emblems of simulated time; only the marginal endeavors conveyed remain the same.

Realism forsaken for dubious spectacle as legions of foot soldiers invade the everyday rapt by ordinary affairs. A reliable stream of hot air mail circulates from distended mediocrities desirous of levitating to lunar heights, only validates a desolate laic geography.

Oscar Wilde from Decay of Living {1891} “life imitates art far more than art imitates life?”

The prevailing art presents in ghostly, artificial light via electronic mediums {use of the term mediums is deliberate}. Intense focus on imitation manifests in individual displays characteristic of the source; here, social media content sonorous with character-promotion. Once more, unnatural beams in any form never shames, and this prospect shrouds the receptive psyche, distancing one from the logical process of self-examination. No wrong, simply right predominates the user’s mentality. We reserve criticism for others; any objection received endures automatic rejection.

As intrinsic spiritual luminosity fades from the world, limited human beings anxiously search for all-essential rays and, like moths, hover around that which is synthetic. What remains is a false illumination that signaling faint-hearted creatures. Diminishing intuitive radiance drives people {like moths} towards simulated brightness.

Narcissism is entirely legal, euphoric as heroin, accessible as dirt and just as cheap.

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