Period of Disgrace

News media sources act as omniscient sentinels while the trusting public facilely relaxes in ease and comforts provided chiefly by today’s technology. Trifling contextual knowledge regarding abstract matters of faith contrasted by prodigious exercise concerning the same affairs is a prevailing phenomenon. Trepidation pertaining to increased volumes of accessible information delivered by contemporary mediums thrusts governmental censorship to the fore as a viable remedy to allay the public’s dearth of austerity.

Weird and wonderful oracles hailed nuclear weapons as an expedient to obliterate war, yet shortly after they exploded, all nationalities shuddered under threat of obliteration, even to this day. ‘Out of the ordinary’ visionaries affirmed information networks as profitable to suppress ignorance, yet shortly after they launched all nationalities shudder under threat of suppression.

Man’s schemes to cover his shame, as a matter of course, expose it. Interminable Truth discriminates, not. Both substances plainly reveal a decisive factor which, as a matter of rule, eludes man-judgment!

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