Time Out

The term leisure substitutes for liberty regarding erstwhile specifications that represented growth in the United States: life, leisure, and pursuit of happiness. Give me leisure or give me death. The Statue of Leisure, an idol, draped in a housecoat, right hand raising a base transceiver station above her head, and in her left hand the sterling, instrumental DynaTAC 8000x. A mended shackle and chain adorn her feet, commemorating novel, value-added thralldom. Like domestic animals grazing in an open, rich pasture, the public feeds on the accessible, luxuriant lea of industrial artifacts.

Noteworthy intrigues that have gleaned ecumenical currency latterly:

Political Intrigue: Imposing, like none other before or since. Easy to run. Choose a successor quadrennially and it takes care of itself. Makes for a life without fault. No need to send payment. We will confiscate the means wholesale. 7.9 billion currently used across the planet; a testament to the system’s efficacy.

Media Intrigue: Simulation so crafty you won’t believe it’s not reality. Undemanding, simply depress a button; conjure up messages and invoke visions. It also provides support and stimulation. Not So News and information {the whole thing} served by compassionate journalists prepared to cater to one with a subaltern scholarship.

Business Intrigue: Innovative and wide-ranging with liberal dimensions to perform all essential work; eliminating human input to leave your mind unoccupied. Even in your somnolent state, one push with a trifling extremity is all you need to muster to release precise delivery methods for every want or craze.

Man, ever surging downward; living up to his lifeless spiritual state. Oh, to put an end to time.

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