Tell-A-Vision Not So News

Recently, my workmates spoke about a tell-a-vision broadcast report circulated the evening before regarding a homicide; the tenor of their dialogue was one of astonishment {as if an errant meteorite caused the poor soul’s death}.

For the year 2019, the Center for Disease Control lists 1,794 homicides alone in the state of California, on an average of five per day. The Federal Bureau of Investigation lists 16,495 homicides in the United States for the same period, an average of forty-five per day. These dire statistics denote an appalling regularity. Despite the reality, my associates amazed {as if someone had found the end of a rainbow}?

As the t.v. goes, so go the minds of the charmed, contorted pubic. Tell-A-Vision has supplanted reality. T.V. offers a simulated version of what formerly was. A radical alteration took place during the middle of the nineteenth century. Principal powers {like experienced shepherds} mustered the people off agrarian ranges, and funneled “the great unwashed” into contrived, hollow, feigned urban bounds.

The unearthly milieu is home to altered states of perception; reality turned upside down. Human beings remain the same only at their lowest estate; deprived of the nonphysical portion of their being. What lingers is altogether visceral, the lesser, baser sort. This is what we shall subsist on, and the prospects appear grave.

One may adduce that in the minds of the enchanted public, the only homicides of regard are that comparative few mentioned by t.v. not so news media. Concerning the vast majority of such crimes-out of sight, out of mind. This absence of thought regarding realism is a demonstration that the public regards t.v. as absolute in contrast to the reality of t.v. as provisional. An apt saying, we will apply at this instant, “fire is an excellent servant but a terrible master.” Fire is valuable for warmth, but if fire is controlling, it will burn your house down.

The presidential election coverage of 2016 is another case worthy of examination. T.V. not so news dispatches of corruption regarding the presidential election results agitated as well as fascinated the public. People—as if on cue—deliberately ascended to the throne of virtuous displeasure. The prospect that their uplifting and inspiring record of clean elections became sullied by outside pressures was an abomination.

Realism imposes politicians will manipulate results in their favor at any cost. Credulous is any romantic sentiment to the contrary. First rule in politics: never trust a politician.

Today, in developed regions, manipulation starts at the political level. Foreign embassies facilitate this principal endeavor, and all developed nations exchange plenipotentiary. Manipulation is predictable, fluid, graceful; the innocent preponderance remains unacquainted with such dealings. If diplomacy cannot deliver the desired ends, then a nation turns to its military branch. In the United States, this segment is the CIA. The CIA counterpart in Russia is the GRU, in India it’s the SPG.

Tell-A-Vision reports, and people go barmy. Given the true state of affairs, the contrasting behavior of the public is beyond the pale of reason and logic-so it is.

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