An appointed day signals commencement of concerted rituals composed of acolytes who automatically go all out to create a milieu-approximating on a whimsy-atop municipal scaffolds before the eyes of virtuous onlookers and honorable gurus {the peers of the realm}. Disciples communicate contrived spectacles through approved arrangements of quirky décor, peculiar lighting; of course, de rigueur idiom {bon mot intended} envisioned to add potency.

Whether you concur is beside the point because ‘the majority fools’. Like androids executing a set function, the multitude automatically breaks forth with prosaic benedictions towards all within direct proximity.

Every day means thanksgiving to my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. My savior has given grace and mercy upon this pathetic individual deserving of hell. Positively, I recognize no demand to await any list period to stir up the gift that is inside me; the days are all same.

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