The Dividing Line

It would surprise should a congressional leader fail in providing correct answers regarding how much money the government spent in 2019, where it came from, and what sectors of economic activity benefitted the most. The same would be true regarding the number of public laws enacted by the 116th congress since 03 January 2019 to 02 January 2021.

The same would not be surprising, however, of anyone of the public. Rather, this would be typical. Who amid the public bothers to track legislation and respond with a yea or nay via phone, E-mail, or written letter to their public officials? Simply taking one hour of one particular day every four years to take part in a referendum does not make up engagement by any reasonable standard.

If anyone of the public finds these words offensive, it shouldn’t be. Only a small percentage in any synthesis of people are civic-minded enough to apprehend such knowledge and communicate in some form with their political leaders. This is simply natural; there are leaders and followers. If someone takes offense, it is because they have built themselves into something they are not. Politics is for politicians, surgery is for surgeons, and law is for lawyers. We call few into any field of endeavor, all things being relative.

The key for those not politically minded is to realize and accept the category they belong to. Are you in the minority; tracking legislation and communicating regularly with political officials? Or, the vast majority who prefer to vote once every four years in November and sit and watch all things politically unfold on tellavision?

Should one be in the majority, this is not something to be ashamed of; one is being true to one’s self. Acceptance will lead to a proper view of your role in leadership, which is scant. We should not amuse ourselves with fancy; exalting ourselves as influential and powerful people when in fact the opposite is the case. The average citizen has virtually no power whatever. Voting is a public declaration of faith in the system. Any sober person who studies the voting process regarding presidential elections, and comes to understand the role of delegates, and electors should realize that public prestige is merely an abstraction.  

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