Progressive Regression

Does one provide or does one pay others to supply provisions like water, food, clothing, and shelter? Historically, individuals engaged these substances directly. However, near 1840, businesses have continued to take direct control of critical resources primarily for profit motives. Individual labor shifted from individual, or family concerns to business concerns. Provisions were one’s primary motivation, yet today the motivation is money which enables acquisition of said provisions. The basics in life are no longer primarily the individual’s concern, since relegated to secondary status in favor of the profit motive of businesses which prosper on a person’s need for the resources under their direct control.

Businesses provide, and the people pay. This leaves the public with much spare time; no scouting for, and dressing of game, no pumping and transporting water, homes prefabricated, clothes readymade, heat via a dial, water by a key and light by a switch, machines launder, motor vehicles transport; and the list goes on far beyond one’s necessities. Societies are awash with businesses that cater to every whim of the imagination.

Notwithstanding all the inventions over the last 180 years, there is much talk within the public orbit about how strenuous life is today. It seems we will not be content until a virtual assistant activates all things electrical; sparing ourselves such indignities as inverting switches, wrenching knobs, and depressing buttons – Siri-o-u-sly!

Myriads look with sadness upon a comatose patient. Still, inside their minds lies a dark, penetrating desire to be nearly identical – save the severe injury, inexorable drooling, and unruly flatulence – a deep state of unconsciousness is a concept worth ripening.

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