Not to cast moreover to take

Angelic warfare: souls to break

Spiritually discerned unseen forces

Lethal shadows battle for the mind

That which is masked is that which rules you

It’s not what you say, it’s what you do

You can talk, but you can’t hide

Will-less state concealed inside

For growth and strength hold Jesus Christ near

To turn away is to die in fear

God’s in command, settled your soul

You lost your grip so long ago

Life and death, there’s no compromise

The Author of Truth,

Or father of lies

The Holy Oracle

From up high infinite in space

God surveys this worldly place

Marvelous sights; wonderful sounds

In creation, splendor abounds

How could it be You chose to give?

The gift of Truth that I may live

So unworthy; Your merciful grace

Shined upon this dolorous face

Spirit in me cries unto you

Past the sky beyond heavens blue


No need to talk just do as I say

Clear your mind I know the way

The path is vast, and I’ll steer you wrong

Avoid all care with leisurely song

Trust in me to paint your view

I have more faith in you than you

Raise you up to let you down

Keep you in peace, smiling like a clown

A curious charm spells false relief

With me, you’re safe, lost in disbelief


I’ve gathered up a veritable store

Untold riches and treasures galore

Floating around I’m lost at sea

Hoping for what’s not to be

Right to be left to myself

Pile even more upon a shelf

Look about, it’s everywhere

My own judge; without a care

Lean on clean – unorganized

Out in the open, for all eyes

Marvel upon, a maze with wonder

Watch your step or be buried under

My life’s work, a curious endeavor

Until the end I’ll wait forever

False Self

Take my hand; I’ll bring you down

Where’s there’s zero, there is no sound

All you see is all I do

Trust in me; I’ll run you through

If I had less to give

You might have a life to live

In the midst, souls remain lost

Spiritual death at any cost


How many times have I said?

Evil thoughts shan’t crowd my head

How many times have I cried?

Wicked deeds I will not abide

How many times have You said?

It was for you My blood was shed

How many times have You cried?

In Grace you can trust

In prayer you can hide


The great song of salvation?
I hear not!
The intelligence behind the creation?
I see not!
The praise and worship of God?
I speak not!


Forlorn, I am lost

Life equals cost

Rising seas of mourning

Despite a perfect calamity

Chirping a long

Slow, wistful song

Full of days

I chase shadows ablaze


Left to the State a child to educate
Turn your back, and you are so slack!
Glory in shame and shift all the blame
Trace of humanity in all your insanity
On your knees the man you please
Playing the whore, but look what’s in store
Judgment Throne, where all is known
God’s Holy name a will to reclaim
Great High Priest for an honored race
Christ entered in to redeem that which was lost
He paid the price, and oh how much it cost


I wait for You so, I sigh

Beyond the heavens, I may well die

Torn by time a word that’s dear

Warming my soul, I call for You near

In my mind dreams become true

My miserable heart is breathed anew

My ardent desire stays where You are

Above the heavens past the brightest star