The great song of salvation?
I hear not!
The intelligence behind the creation?
I see not!
The praise and worship of God?
I speak not!


By what means feel

Not having touch

What is real?

Pitch-black lies

Telling eyes

Schism in our midst

Dark clouds interlace

Time remembers – everlasting

Beyond the shadow–encompassing

Reaching for truth

Ever outstretched hand

The Most High

A perfect love

The Sword

On ourselves we cannot rely – this is the truth, and thus we cry

Angels gaze and wonder as we live in hate and plunder

What will become of it all?

The Light in shadow soon to call

The Sword of Truth will devastate all evil and recreate

Life everlasting and love so true

An amazing gift for me and for you

The Strait Gate

Reality covered by darkness

First precedence every day

Cast the broad shadow – hide beyond the air waves

Stumbling through your life

Behind the screen lies trouble and strife

Conflict in you – truth tries to break through

Wrestle with conscious – unsure of what to do

How long will you dilute your reflections?

It is hard to compromise your image of perfection

One day soon the truth will break free

My sincere wish is that you will be with me

Standing before the strait gate – welcomed in

Love everlasting – life without sin


I see you in reflections on my mind

In a state of wondering about time

I reached out to you – I am not much to consider

Me, a possibility for loving you

What I would most like to do

For you longed for another – loving you

You embraced, holding each other close

To be your dreams come true

What I would most like to…

The Gift of You

A precious moment I mind

Seeing you the first time

Resting fair

Should I dare?

To speak from the heart

Wanting to know from the start

Your compassion

Even true

Wistful souls breathed anew

The shadows faded away

Revealing faith in a new day


My mind perceived

My eyes amazed

Everything and nothing vanished

Exposing to view

A lone demon

Lurking in arch silence

Eyes black with lust

Simmering with hate

Fearing not death, I resigned, au fait

Lying in a deep state

I opened up, and it closed in

Taking hold

Shattering time

Effecting images untold

Broken pieces

Once known reality

Drifting aimlessly

Deep dark space

A tortured soul survives