Oh, Lord
Help us all
Evil abounds in this place
The sinful works of man seem to prevail
Satan and his host are always lurking
Seizing upon every opportunity
With Your blessing, Heavenly Father
We shall triumph gloriously
Having offered Your only begotten Son
As a living sacrifice
Atoning for the world’s sins
Our Lord and Master
The Saviour of the world
The One we look to
And, Behold, He is sitting at Your right hand
Waiting until His enemies shall become His footstool
And we long to be like Him
To see Him in His glory
To see Him face to face
Our blessed Saviour


Holy Father in Heaven
Please, look upon us
Lost souls cast deep shadows upon the earth
True light seems to be fading
Flickering in the chasmic depths of our iniquity
Oh Lord, remember us with mercy and compassion
That we may live and not die
Our faith rests solely in Your Blessed Son
Our Lord and our Saviour, Jesus Christ