Far away forever stands

Still, my mind

Twice to witness

Playful shadows within the distance

Flourishing, abounding

Timeless even full

Love cascades stay gently falling

Immersed in The Truth

Descending in fullness

All-Knowing a warm embrace

Like none other

On earth, in Heaven





Truth So Cold

So easy to get lost

In man’s insanity

Ever closing in ,

Fiction for reality

Do what I say so I can make you pay

Your world is mine

Blood like wine ,

Flows from the cup

Drowning the earth in pure misery

Praise the Spirit for the mystery

Fact untold: God of Glory

Blessed Son: One and Only

Died for me upon a tree

Jesus Christ has set me free


Positioned on a capsizing vessel, one gazes with fear and trepidation upon dark, mysterious waters. Suddenly gripped by a benevolent, overwhelming force one dives in and swims for unseen shores and is quickly immersed in a sea that is fraught with hidden perils, yet the force of faith remains.
The waters are turbulent, and one struggles valiantly to remain afloat. Land appears like a brilliant sight in the distance and miraculously one eventually lands safely up on a friendly shore.
Amazed at having managed to deal with such trials successfully, one realizes that the same force never left you for a moment. In fact, the same generous power kept you from drowning; away from all the evil that tried to vanquish you and thus deposited you unhurt on solid ground.

The Battle Against Sin

Encompassed in a forest rife with perils, one is given precise direction, terrifying tools, and sustaining belief by The All Knowing to fight what promises to be a protracted campaign.

Taking hold, one engages in the skirmish. However, the longed-for destination remains obscure owing to distance as well as obstacles one must overcome. Remaining steadfast in the faith, one begins to realize the promised state ahead more clearly each day. With eyes fixed eventually one stands as a conqueror in the clearing.

One rejoices in having been carefully guided, instructed, equipped, and finally set at liberty.

Put on the armor and engage the antagonist, realizing that the war has already been won by Our Blessed Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.


There’s Just Something About Nothing

They appear as strangers I know in a fictional life. While gathered together, we sip hot beverages, and the talk is about “nothing,” and it’s clear “nothing” really seems to matter. I imbibe and look around at the faces of the strangers; perhaps to glimpse “something” through the shadow clouding the beliefs of those with whom I pass the time, dreary. Behold! It appears “nothing” has not changed. I finish my drink and politely retire from the company of the strangers with the sincere hope our next encounter will prove “nothing” has changed.

The Real You

You never had a chance to be your true self. The aristocracy hated you long before you emanated. The aristocrats planned and waited for you. Then, they seized upon you, and with invisible chains, clothed you, leaving nothing but a shadow to walk the earth; a faint remnant of what is and what used to be. The real you never had a chance. You have never indeed known anybody in your life, including yourself, your family, your progeny; no one has ever indeed known anybody as nobody has ever known themselves. You are vague, but your true self not forgotten.

It Takes Imagination

You are what somebody else imagined long before you originated. The dais was ready- made, and your/their life planned and prepared when your owners seized upon you and began to make you into their image for their unique purposes. Your life matters more to them than to you.
You’re glad for what your owners did with your life. They had been kind; supporting your every need. Food, water, clothing, shelter, education, labor, and most of all, direction, leadership, and purpose. Your owners are considerate in granting time for leisure and thus supply vast, varied amounts of entertainment forms for you to enjoy when you’re not laboring for them.
Those indigenous to this land, Native Americans (or savages), knew not, for they were ignorant having not realized that after thousands of years the earth was entreating to be exploited, liberated from its holding of vital, abundant resources and materials. It took men of renown, of course, to advance disease, criminality, money, pollution, politics, war, and pornography (an abbreviated list) to the heights that we see and wallow in today. The aristocracy showed that they could expand on these items.
However, it was not without effort, and the task was not easy. It took hundreds of millions of enlightened, industrious human beings working jointly to fulfill the lofty dream of becoming a beacon for others to distinguish and thus dare emulate. To stumble and fall short so such a worthy enterprise would be to heap great shame upon one’s self.
It is essential for you to consider how much your lives have meant to your owners. They have prospered as no other small group of figures to prove themselves in this world as being deserving of the absolute best to be taken on earth. Sure, when you contemplate your existence today the toil and hardships of everyday life are but a small price to pay for your owners to be able to reap such huge benefits; and all thanks to your belief and submissive posturing.

The Connection

I live not, I only exist to be controlled. I’m looked upon with lustful eyes that feast upon my soul – a prized possession! Distortions race through the minds of those consumed with envy and greed. Leering eyes filled with lust, and faces, look-daggers with hate. Death has taken hold, and they stumble about the earth in dreadful shadow. They were alive once, a long time ago, in a distant land full of mystery and wonders. Darkness slowly appeared and enveloped them, and now they are lost. They wander the earth, ferreting as if in search of some way out of the depths of deceit. They lived once but chose death. They were tricked, by the evil one, who hated them and lusted after their souls – prized possessions!


Loneliness took me to a place I never knew
In the depths of silence, there is no time
Vast, desolate, and so cold – nothing survives!
And so, I lived


Do as you are told as I say

You will not escape me anyway

I own you – you love me

You give your all and it is all mine

Freedom is what I say it is

Prey on you all the time

I am your judgment – ancient view

Never see me seeing into you

I am in control

You have lost your hold

You are on your knees

You give it away every day