Greenback Boogie


Pay those bills,
Or you’re undone
Use your skills
Bow to the Hun,
Don’t dare shun
Your fiduciary duty
Not for everyone
The greenback boogie
In the mills,
A just few repugn
Into the hills
They will run
Under threat of a gun
Overcast and gloomy,
Blocking the sun,
The greenback boogie
Decorative lies like frills
Tales being spun,
Untold fabricated thrills,
For every one
Buried under a ton,
Like a horrible movie
That’s just begun
The greenback boogie
The masses to pun,
From here to Djibouti
Big Business has won
The greenback boogie


Fool that I am

Called to this earth

Sent forth as a lamb

Lacking in worth

The good shepherd’s voice

One to behold

By your choice

Part of the fold

Brought even nigh

And given rest

My faithful ally

Withstood the test

What am I?

How could it be?

Will not die

I bow to thee

The Wave of the Future

An RF transponder

Lest you wander

In silicate glass

Only for the mass

Swinging your hand

Slave with a brand

A gen ID

Shades of a fruit tree

The inside story

An outer inventory

A surreal mark

Provides the spark

Darn with a suture

The knave of the future

The Ninth Letter

Deserve yet worse

Despise the curse

Speak so declaratory

Go through transitory

Trust not in man

Count on God’s plan

Read the Word

Have life transferred

Will live, not die

Love the Most High

Unto Us

“A child is born,”

For those who mourn

“A son is given,”

As pure as the driven…

“Upon His shoulder,”

To pass over

“His name shall be called,”

By the people enthralled


At issue and colorful


Here to restore

“The Mighty God,”

Light shed abroad

“The Everlasting Father,”

A well of water

“The Prince of Peace,”

Power to release

Siren Song

Step this way

Beyond the time

Marvels to see

They’re all mine

Share with you

All I ask

Work for me

A simple task

All the resources

Prepared for you

Submit yourself

I’ll see you through

That old way

Left to the past

Lie and relax

Freedom at last

Falling in step

And doing time

As far as I can see

You’re all mine

The Absolute

I’m never alone

When I’m by myself,

And at one time,

I sustained a sign

Holiness flooded in

And in view of sin

I dared not blink

Closely to think

Out of place

Less than a trace

Of vile humanity

Awash in vanity

I had no right

In relation to such might,

I did not belong

Felt utterly wrong

Nowhere to go

No place to hide

All fully known

Not suitably denied

The judgment throne

Of Christ, awaits

For wretches like me

Jesus advocates


Once I travelled,

Beyond the blue

Purposed to witness

Glory, that’s true

A life that is

Souls at ease

Curious in motion,

Throughout tall trees,

A wondrous face

An outstretched hand

Bidding me welcome

To the promised land

For this you yearn

For I shall return

A time to heal

Go back and reveal

Turn/Go Crimson

Before the Lord

There are no excuses

Just a hideous record

Of loathsome abuses

Entering prayer

I blush and quiver

For only Jesus Christ

At length can deliver

A consuming fire

And a sovereign will

Glimpse of eternal Glory

Persist in being still

All of my hope

Stays with thee

There is no good

Inside of me

Pray You will save

Part from the grave

A solemn desire,

Near to the fire

Grant me strength

That I may carry on

The cross in view

Walking after You

Able To Comprehend

I’m winding down

A model toy


Unearthly joy


Oh, so true

A revelation

Out of the blue

A wilting flower

Please, stay Your hand

I have not strength

Even to stand

You are my promise

 Lifted the veil

At all events,

We shall prevail