Perfectam Caritatem (My Perfect Love)

My Lord loves me ever true
Beyond what I can say, think, or do
Encompassed in time I’m sure to wane
Yet my Redeemer remains the same
On His mercy, I solely rely
Enduring forever by and by
Left to myself I’d be truly lost
He paid my way; an innumerable cost
His light shines beyond the darkest shadow
His ways, I strive to follow
Suffer affliction, suffer shame
Gladly I will glorify His holy name


“What I don’t say is that which I do.”
A twisted standard that’s hanging you
“Stand for nothing and for all I’ll fall.”
An untold strait in which you bawl
The imminent threat always advancing
Falling back your singing and dancing
A nebulous image amid a storm
Pasquinade of life to perform

The Messiah

Our Lord and Master reigns above
God’s Holy Spirit in the form of a dove
On Him to rest nobility and might
No thought, nor deed escapes his sight
The prophet John did baptize
In the Jordan for all eyes
To look upon His glorious face
Rescued from death a fallen race
Jesus Christ did truly perform
A perfect work, thus we adorn
Robes of pure righteousness
His blessed name we shall confess
To all the world by day and night
In God’s mercy, we delight

Not Our Ways

Look to the sky; behold God’s might
A brilliant star traverses the night
Vanishing on to who knows where
Feeble minds prompt a stare
Witness the clouds passing in time
Wind and rain past sublime
Who can fathom the Spirit so true?
All would perish if God withdrew
Our Lord’s ways no one can know
Except that which He’s pleased to show

Newfound Favor

If it’s true, I’ll surely lie
Feigning tears, one can’t deny
If I’m guilty, I’ll plead, not
Claiming virtue, I haven’t got
When duly charged, I’ll fitly bray
5th Amendment will be my stay
When caught, I will stand
Turn and walk with a wave of the hand
Theatrical play – Greek tetralogy
Change of name, a whole new face
Take the stage – newfound grace

Belief Truly Matters

You may think that this is funny
Forfeit your power and give me your money
If you are wise, you’ll trust in me
Sit and relax while I strike the key
Plan, purpose, and structure of life
Goodbye pain, grief, and strife
The robe of righteousness, I shall adorn
No lie, gossip or even porn
Children safe in Idyll state
Morals and ethics, I’ll legislate
No place for graft or even greed
Give of ourselves to those in need
End of the war, all hate, and destruction
Hearken to me, follow instruction
Standard tales you’ve heard before
Part of history that’s called ‘Folklore.’



Not to choose, moreover, to take
Angelic warfare and your soul is at stake
Spiritually discerned unseen forces,
Lethal shadows battle for the mind
That which is hidden is what governs you
It’s not what you say rather what you do
You can talk, but you can’t hide
Will-less state concealed inside
For life and strength hold Jesus Christ near
To turn away is to die in fear
God’s in control – decided your soul
You lost your hold so long ago
Eternal life or death with  no compromise
The Author of Truth over the father of lies

The Holy Oracle

From up high in timeless space
God surveys this earthly place
Wondrous sights and beautiful sounds
In creation, God’s glory abounds
How could it be You chose to give
Spirit of Truth that I may live
So unworthy of Your merciful grace
Smiled upon this dolorous face
The soul in me cries unto you
Past the sky beyond the blue


No need to talk just do as I say
Ill at ease, I know the way
The path is vast I’ll steer you wrong
Avoid all care with leisurely song
Look to me I’ll paint your view
I have more faith in you than you
I’ll raise you up to let you down
Keep you in peace, smiling like a clown
A curious charm spells false relief
Rest safe in disbelief