The Prophet

Such not ever seen
In the days present nor past
Moses spoke face to face
With the First and the Last

Out of the land of Egypt
Bearing silver and gold
The Israelites set forth
A nation’s story unfolds

Great signs and great wonders
From God’s mighty hand
Bestowed upon the prophet
Our God’s eternal plan

Out of the midst of the nation
Great terrors performed – he
Pestilence and plagues
Parting the Red Sea

Destroying Pharaoh’s army
The kings of the Amorites
The giant children of Anak
Even the Canaanites

Braving insurrections
With intercessory prayer
He pleaded for the people
For almighty God to spare

Blessing all the tribes
He scaled Mount Nebo to see
The promised land of Canaan
The Glory that is to be

The prophet and servant of God
In the land of Moab died
The children of Israel mourned
For thirty days they cried

Moses, the friend of God
Was buried in the land
With mercy and compassion
By Almighty God’s hand


The Glory of God descended
From celestial Heavens high
Wilderness land of Horeb
Mount called Sinai

Out of the midst of the fire
Dark cloud and thick smoke
The voice of Almighty God
Unto the Nation spoke

At the base of the mount
The Israelites stood in fear
Pleading with the prophet, Moses
To ascend and hear

God’s words of a covenant promise
Even the commandments; ten
Statutes and judgments for learning
For Moses to tutor all men

The God of our faithful fathers
Brought forth with a mighty hand
All the nation of Israel
To give a promised land

The sovereign, merciful God
To Him goes all the Glory
Our Lord is supremely righteous
The Spirit is forever Holy